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Education Clinics

Through our out reach program Mwasenda Development Intervention has been able to educate kids,Youth and Women with less or no opportunity by establishing an Open space mobile training with only a youth leader teaching pre-primary education in rural and remote areas in Mwanza,Tanzania.

Health Clinics

Mwasenda Development Intervention conducted a training course for Medical Laboratory Technologists (Hepatitis ‘B’ ) at the Levels of 4 & 5 (2014– 2016) by that time registered as Mwasenda College of Health Sciences.

Donation of Basic Needs

Despite all efforts by MDI as a role model in the community supporting donations to impoveished families a single handedly approach has been a long stretch for MDI.


We are a locally registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) No. (00NGO/0009473) driven with various objectives through strengthen the community towards hope and harmony as follows; By facilitating Women and Youth empowerment in entrepreneurship education. Facilitate the provision of improved cheap health care services. Support racial justice among communities in Tanzania as an encounter to equal Human Rights Movement on a global scale. Promote and support girl child education through school drop out programs and back to school programs for better sustainability livelihood. As a global cause to advocating for green revolution and facilitation of environmental protection and management programs through global warming impact trainings and tree planting schemes.