The challenge is immense and responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. We live in a new world governed by science and knowledge. We live in a new world of educated, well-trained, equipped and effective human forces. We live in a new world in which all standards are entire, in education, in training, in medical care, but in all aspects of life. We have in Tanzania, and the right of immense educated human forces, we have in Tanzania great youth energy.


The strength of our society is the strength of our youth”, from its education, medical care and training to the mechanisms and fundamentals of the age. Our economic, even social and political progress depends so much on our ability to elevate this youthful power. It depends so much on our ability to provide them with the excellent education. Medical care training that will enable them to live in today – to – today practical life, depending on how much we can increase their self-confidence and give them hope in the future.

In light of the important role played by the MDI NGO to the society to support the civil society sector in our country, the society launched the “Center for Supporting Civil Society Capacity”.

Our children are the future of our nation. They need nurturing and care in order to flourish and reach their full potential goals.

Accordingly to, MWASENDA DEVELOPMENT INTERVENTION NGO, In addition, we organize various cultural, social and diversified activities including seminars on social, cultural, educational and medical issues. As teamed up with other charitable organizations and foundations working in the same fields to solve emerging social problems such as addiction, malnutrition, family planning, illiteracy and unemployment.

In addition to our efforts in the education arena, we work closely on the medical needs of the poor. We have undertaken medical and social studies to determine the real needs of people. For example, we were able to deliver the medical healthcare through the vaccination of the Hepatitis ‘B’ approximately more than 258 people in both deprived areas in Mwanza Region, Tanzania as the mainland. This was possible through the organization of several medical caravans where free medical treatment, education and free medicines were provided to 19 people who were found affected by the disease under the supervision of the MDI NGO medical team.

Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities of the MDI NGO is to monitor our efforts and follow-up of our work in all fields. The objective of the MDI NGO is to invest in the future of the needy society and to promote the sustainability of the economic growth by providing assistance to the needy of social, educational, medical, youth and women empowerment, girl-child education and awareness, girl – child school dropout and street children assistance through our UCI program and material aid freely.

This includes the provision of food, healthcare services, and training courses to children and their families. In this way, we establish the ability of the next generation to sustain themselves in the future and to continue to build a better and responsible society. 

We will work toward finding the best solution to every possible obstacle facing the needy society in building a modern society. It is our duty of carrying on for the sake of our future generations. We are committed to bring, build and restrain hope to the hopeless, to the needy in order to enable and restore peace, love and harmony.

You are all warmly welcome at MDI NGO to put hands together to make the world a place without hunger where people live together in harmony, respects the human rights of our neighbours who suffer from poverty, disasters, education, diseases and suppression and help them live in self – reliance by encouraging them to hope.

Chairperson and Organization Founder